Fruit-themed slot machines are nothing new, but Playtech has surpassed the usual oranges and watermelons and entered the berry field. This company already has a reputation for providing stunning graphics and innovative themes, and the product will not disappoint.


The background is a bright blue and purple pattern with sparkling stars. The five scrolls are bright yellow and the borders are mustard. The rounded edges of the reels and the control buttons at the bottom of the screen give the game a cartoon-like atmosphere, but without any childishness. The berry symbols are shiny and full, and you can expect to see red currants, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. There are nine kinds of berries. The bright pink "7" symbol gleams on the reels.

When it can be pressed, the control button will light up attractively. At the top, there is a rotating graphic line that bounces down from the top of the screen with a message telling you that different combinations can win your favor.

When you hit the winning combination, the symbol will pop up to you from the screen, and a big white number will appear in the center of the reel. As the excitement increases, it starts counting from 0.00p to your winning amount. The amount then disappears in the "Win" box at the bottom of the screen, but there is a useful small rectangle on the payline to remind you how much you won on that particular line. If you have more than one winning payline, the screen will jump from one to another.

The typical jazz minor provides the background music for the game. The reels made a satisfying clicking sound as they fell into place, accompanied by the joyful little jingle of victory.

Overall, this is a classic fruit machine, with talents that only online slot machines can provide.BerryBerryBonanza001.jpg - 140.08 kB